William F LefeuvreAs a fine arts student in the 1960’s, studying Thomas Gainsborough I learned that in the mid 1700’s he developed a technique of painting on glass with oils, using a candle to illuminate the image to the viewer. Being a fledgling painter, sculptor, designer experimenting in multiple mediums, Gainsborough’s candlelit pictures piqued my interest and I painted on glass using oils, acrylics and finally translucent paint which worked best as the light worked through the paint instead of being blocked by it.

From this experience I gravitated to stained glass, amazed by the purity and vitality of the color. After a bit of broken glass and many finger cuts I became frustrated by the medium, not because of the difficulty but by the extra lines I had to add to the designs as, alas, glass wanted to break in a straight line. So I abandoned the glass medium and went back to drawing and painting.

Fast forward to 1978, I was visiting a friend (a cabinet maker who put stained glass into the doors) and lo and behold he had a diamond glass grinder/router in a water bath that could cut inside curves with 90 degree edges that could be copper foiled and soldered. Well the lights flashed and the bells started ringing with the possibility of design without compromising lines and I began this journey to absolute glass addiction.

My varied interests , music ,painting and orchid cultivation have provided ample inspiration for  my glass art .In the 1980’s I used a microwave kiln to fire painted and fused highlights to be incorporated into larger works until I blew up the kiln and microwave ( touchy little beggars). This led to a small kiln and a growing interest in hot glass. Glass fusion led to a 22 “kiln and eventually to a kiln large enough to produce my design in one piece of fused glass without lead and all its toxicity.

Reading a book on the travels of L.C.Tiffany I saw a Roman bowl created thousands of years ago. The simplicity and strength of color led me to try to replicate the bowl and many attempts and trips through the hot box later one finally   worked. After that trial and experience, variations and imaginings have led down varied paths and shelves full of bowls.

My recent work has taken different paths as well. Tack fusing portraits, orchid pictures and landscapes has added another dimension with the edges of the cut pieces catching light and sparkling in full sun.  The fusing of iridescent glass has added effect as the glass pieces now have a nighttime reflection when most glass goes to sleep. Capturing all the nuances and moods of glass art by camera,especially the sparkle of the glass edges in full sun, is extremely difficult if not impossible .A picture being worth a thousand words and live viewing worth thousands more,

Now much broken glass and thousands of cut fingers later, I am glad to finally have the time to add to the portfolio on this website. This work is my passion and I am really grateful to be able to explore in the greatest medium of all— LIGHT!

Commissions have ranged from custom designs,corporate gifts, architectural installations in situ, memorial portraiture, wedding gifts, music aficionados, record collectors and glass collectors- God love them! All work in the Gallery which does not have a listed owner is for sale.  Please use the contact page for inquiries.  I welcome your questions, comments, thoughts and even critique on the contact page.                                                                    Keep smiling it increases the face value(Ken Stone)